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The Gospel According To A Sitcom Writer

By James Cary 5/5 Imagine An Evening With James Cary, sitcom writer of the likes of Bluestone 42 with episodes of Miranda, My Hero, and My Family to his name, creator and writer of radio series Think the Unthinkable and

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The Word on the Box

Editor: David Porter I’ve a lot of books on the shelf I’ve referred to but not read (and too many I’ve barely opened). This is one I bought with about a dozen others, bargains, possibly remainders and maybe in some

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When Sunday Comes

by Professor Claudrena N. Harold4/5 In this insightful study of gospel music Professor Harold begins with a personal introduction explaining how family and community influences shaped her experience and understanding of gospel music.From Reverend James Cleveland through the 1960s the

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Richard Dawkins, C. S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life

By Alister McGrath. In this short book Alister McGrath compares and contrasts two popular communicators, C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and Richard Dawkins, apologist for New Atheism. Under the four headings, Big Picture, Reasoned Belief, Is There a God? and Human

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Plowed Over: On the Wing

By Ellen Ann Callahan. Not often I work out a key element of the mystery early but I got this one really early. Not to worry, it was entertaining confirming I was right and there were plenty of other things

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Hazardous Duty

First in the Squeaky Clean Mystery series by Christy Barritt. This was a quick undemanding read. I’d just completed a particularly harrowing book which was also a bit heavy on profanities and this book is genuinely squeaky clean and a

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