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The Word on the Box

Editor: David Porter I’ve a lot of books on the shelf I’ve referred to but not read (and too many I’ve barely opened). This is one I bought with about a dozen others, bargains, possibly remainders and maybe in some

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When Sunday Comes

by Professor Claudrena N. Harold4/5 In this insightful study of gospel music Professor Harold begins with a personal introduction explaining how family and community influences shaped her experience and understanding of gospel music.From Reverend James Cleveland through the 1960s the

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Monster:Living Off The Big Screen

by John Gregory Dunne5/5 This is the cautionary tale of how 8 years and 27 draft scripts turned Golden Girl, the biography of TV anchorwoman Jessica Savitch into Up Close And Personal the 1996 Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle.

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by Louise Mumford Thea just can’t get enough sleep. Night after night with only an hour or two is wreaking havoc with her life. Under the circumstances the message popping up on her phone was becoming ever more difficult to

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The Final Round

by Bernard O’Keeffe4/5 Detective Inspector Garibaldi “as in the great Italian nationalist. And the biscuit” is country music loving, well read and the only officer in the Metropolitan Police who can’t drive a car. He’s the filling in the sandwich

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All Your Little Lies

by Marianne Holmes 4/5 Annie is socially awkward, always saying the wrong thing, misreads the signals when men are nice to her and is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.When the poster of a missing girl has

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The Mother Fault

by Kate Mildenhall Set in a near future Australia, extrapolating current technology, The Mother Fault warns of a dystopian world resulting from a government taking incremental control ostensibly for the public good. The Department has provided a chip to keep

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This Thing of Darkness (BBC Radio Drama)

By Lucia Haynes 7 episodes, 45 minutes each is an investment and it wasn’t altogether clear from the blurb exactly what this was. I listened to everything else I had lined up before tackling it. David Grant (Robin Laing) has

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Murder Made Easy

Dir. David Palamaro 2/5 Indie film and firmly indie in feel. Liberal use of jump cuts and long takes for effect. A lot of hand-held camera work. Acting and dialogue a bit stiff which isn’t helped by the quality of

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The Chalet

By Catherine Cooper. 4/5 Compulsive reading. Fractured narrative told in first person by several unreliable and fairly unsympathetic narrators, this could have been all style no substance. Without an obvious protagonist and antagonist the story might have struggled to engage

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