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Dead Man’s Grave

By Neil Lancaster 4/5 Dead Man’s Grave has all the hallmarks of a first in series. DS Max Craigie is six month’s into his new job. Fresh from “the Met” he’s under pressure to prove himself in the Serious Organised

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The Gospel According To A Sitcom Writer

By James Cary 5/5 Imagine An Evening With James Cary, sitcom writer of the likes of Bluestone 42 with episodes of Miranda, My Hero, and My Family to his name, creator and writer of radio series Think the Unthinkable and

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How to Know Everything

by Elke Wiss Perhaps the book should have been called “How to Know Nothing” but I suppose that would be more difficult to sell! Wiss explains how the Socratic method can be put to practical use to learn (and, I

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The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder

By Edgar Wallace Read (characterised without sound effects) by David Horovitch J G Reeder is the epitome of his contemporary, the hard boiled detective (Marlowe, et al.) a slightly shabby, easily overlooked and always underestimated little man with red hair,

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Raymond Chandler: The BBC Radio Drama Collection

Full Cast DramaI’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again, nobody does radio drama better than the BBC and to my ear there are no audio books to rival the BBC’s full cast recordings. Toby Stephens captures the world

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One Ordinary Day at a Time

By Sarah J. Harris One Ordinary Day at a Time is a study of two characters. Jodie Brook, orphan never in one place very long, troubled education concluded by becoming a single mum. Aspires to study Literature at Cambridge. Simon

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The Word on the Box

Editor: David Porter I’ve a lot of books on the shelf I’ve referred to but not read (and too many I’ve barely opened). This is one I bought with about a dozen others, bargains, possibly remainders and maybe in some

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When Sunday Comes

by Professor Claudrena N. Harold4/5 In this insightful study of gospel music Professor Harold begins with a personal introduction explaining how family and community influences shaped her experience and understanding of gospel music.From Reverend James Cleveland through the 1960s the

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Monster:Living Off The Big Screen

by John Gregory Dunne5/5 This is the cautionary tale of how 8 years and 27 draft scripts turned Golden Girl, the biography of TV anchorwoman Jessica Savitch into Up Close And Personal the 1996 Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle.

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by Louise Mumford Thea just can’t get enough sleep. Night after night with only an hour or two is wreaking havoc with her life. Under the circumstances the message popping up on her phone was becoming ever more difficult to

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