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This Thing of Darkness (BBC Radio Drama)

By Lucia Haynes 7 episodes, 45 minutes each is an investment and it wasn’t altogether clear from the blurb exactly what this was. I listened to everything else I had lined up before tackling it. David Grant (Robin Laing) has

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Murder Made Easy

Dir. David Palamaro 2/5 Indie film and firmly indie in feel. Liberal use of jump cuts and long takes for effect. A lot of hand-held camera work. Acting and dialogue a bit stiff which isn’t helped by the quality of

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The Chalet

By Catherine Cooper. 4/5 Compulsive reading. Fractured narrative told in first person by several unreliable and fairly unsympathetic narrators, this could have been all style no substance. Without an obvious protagonist and antagonist the story might have struggled to engage

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By Stephen Martin and Joseph Marks. 5/5 This book could not be more timely. Never before have the messengers been so much more important than facts, statistics, in fact anything quantifiable and verifiable. How can this be? Why are some

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Where the Innocent Die

By MJ Lee. 4/5 The fourth in the DI Ridpath series, Where the Innocent Die manages to be an easy read and thought provoking at the same time. A detainee dies while awaiting deportation and noone seems to care. The

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Part of the Family

By Charlotte Philby. 3/5 It’s difficult to nail this securely to a particular genre. It’s a tale of lies and betrayal, of love and loss, it’s billed as espionage but Le CarrĂ© or Fleming it certainly isn’t. Anna, David and

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Cruel Acts

By Jane Casey. The latest in the Maeve Kerrigan crimes series sees Maeve and her partner DI Josh Derwent assigned to re-examining the evidence for the retrial of Leo Stone when it emerges his murder trial jury was prejudiced. The

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Eighteen Below

By Stefan Ahnhem. Not having read the previous books in the Fabian Risk series and not realising it was nordic noir, this was a brutal introduction. This was The Big Heat with the dial turned up to 11! When Peter

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Richard Dawkins, C. S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life

By Alister McGrath. In this short book Alister McGrath compares and contrasts two popular communicators, C.S. Lewis, Christian apologist and Richard Dawkins, apologist for New Atheism. Under the four headings, Big Picture, Reasoned Belief, Is There a God? and Human

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Plowed Over: On the Wing

By Ellen Ann Callahan. Not often I work out a key element of the mystery early but I got this one really early. Not to worry, it was entertaining confirming I was right and there were plenty of other things

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