The Chalet

Book cover
By Catherine Cooper.
4/5 Compulsive reading. Fractured narrative told in first person by several unreliable and fairly unsympathetic narrators, this could have been all style no substance. Without an obvious protagonist and antagonist the story might have struggled to engage but in Catherine Cooper's hands it was compelling. I barely put the book down. I'd just finished Paula Hawkins' Into The Water which has some similarities in narrative style so at least I knew to watch the chapter headings to keep on track. Who are the unnamed voices? How are these stories going to come together? How is it all going to end? 

OK, a little less about Hugo's social ineptness as a businessman and maybe a bit too much of a similarity in the business relationship between Andy and Cameron but that's being picky. Catherine Cooper is writing about a world she knows well and it shows. Having had one (very brief) experience of (not) skiing I felt Louisa's pain!

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

Into radio and books, even better when they come together in BBC radio drama adaptations. Mostly thrillers and crime drama from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie to Kathy Reichs and many others.

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