Where the Innocent Die

By MJ Lee.
4/5 The fourth in the DI Ridpath series, Where the Innocent Die manages to be an easy read and thought provoking at the same time. A detainee dies while awaiting deportation and noone seems to care. The initial investigation is sloppy with all concerned too ready to accept is just another suicide (and how can that even be acceptable?). 

The Coroner,  Mrs Challoner is having none of it. She wants it properly investigated and she wants it done so the girl's parents can take her body home in five days time. DI Ridpath is still with the Coroner's Office as he recovers from cancer so it falls to him to marshal the necessary resources and negotiate the obstacles commercial enterprise and government bureaucracy conspire to put in his way. 

This is a page turner that puts a human face on news headlines that have become all too familiar.

ARC courtesy Netgalley

Into radio and books, even better when they come together in BBC radio drama adaptations. Mostly thrillers and crime drama from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie to Kathy Reichs and many others.

Posted in Crime and Detective Fiction

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