Cruel Acts

By Jane Casey.

The latest in the Maeve Kerrigan crimes series sees Maeve and her partner DI Josh Derwent assigned to re-examining the evidence for the retrial of Leo Stone when it emerges his murder trial jury was prejudiced. The stakes couldn't be higher. The case relied on evidence from pathologist Glen Hanshaw and since his recent death two other cases for which he did the post-mortems had been successfully challenged. Another would open the floodgates and more evidence would be needed to be sure of conviction.

There are plenty of twists, I was pleased to spot a couple of clues but equally fell for a few red herrings.

Cruel Acts is my first Maeve Kerrigan and I'm guessing anyone who has been following the series has a better handle on her relationship with Derwent. Dropping in on them in this book, the whole thing seems a little clumsy leaving me wondering how Maeve could simultaneously have so little understanding of him and have previously given him such an insight into her personal life.

It's a good read, a police procedural that will keep you hooked.

Into radio and books, even better when they come together in BBC radio drama adaptations. Mostly thrillers and crime drama from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie to Kathy Reichs and many others.

Posted in Crime and Detective Fiction

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