Eighteen Below

By Stefan Ahnhem.

Not having read the previous books in the Fabian Risk series and not realising it was nordic noir, this was a brutal introduction. This was The Big Heat with the dial turned up to 11!

When Peter Brise, a millionaire IT entrepreneur, commits suicide by driving into the harbour after a car chase involving the Chief of Police it's odd enough. When a second autopsy reveals that he had been for some time before his car went into the water, before he was last seen alive, the nightmare really begins.  How can this be when he was seen a few days earlier? Meantime Dunja's exhile to uniform and ritual humiliation continues, frustrating her investigation into the latest, deadliest incarnation of happy slapping.

Stefan Ahnhem is a screenwriter and the narrative structure of Eighteen Below reflects this. Rapid intercutting between scenes, locations and storylines hold the attention and keep the pages turning.

I'd recommend starting with book 1; dropping into this world, cold was a shock to the system! Unless you are familiar with the characters and the back story the storytelling seems off balance, like watching an episode of a soap opera in isolation.

ARC courtesy of Netgalley.

Into radio and books, even better when they come together in BBC radio drama adaptations. Mostly thrillers and crime drama from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie to Kathy Reichs and many others.

Posted in Crime and Detective Fiction

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