pledges and compromise

Took a quick look  at Carlos Whittaker’s blog and there was a picture of Obama et al watching Bin Laden’s death … only of course they weren’t.

I’ve also been thinking about Lib Dem handwritten pledges on tuition fees and Paddy Ashdown’s line this morning: “voters didn’t see the difference between compromise and betrayal”. In Northern Ireland of course we know the “value” of handwritten pledges. It’s not that compromise isn’t necessary at times, it’s the idea that someone gives you their best demonstration of an unbreakable promise, only to weasel out. When you do that how can anyone believe you on anything?

And Bin Laden? OK events were  confused and confusing but there was barely a word of truth in the initial claims, would it have hurt to delay the announcement until the facts were established? It just compounds a sense of unease.

~ by electrictelegraph on May 6, 2011.

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