Romans 5: One Man’s Sin

On the face of it, it seems more than a trifle unfair that we’re all punished because of Adam’s sin. If it hadn’t been for Adam think what the world would be like now!

Why should we, all these years later, still be held accountable? The problem is Adam’s sin had universal consequences. We are how we are because of what he did.

But there God has come up with a beautifully symetrical, just, fair, merciful solution. If one sin by someone else got us here, how about if one act of obedience by us could solve the problem? The responsibility would then be ours. We could no longer blame Adam.

The Bible actually balances Adam’s disobedience with Christ’s (the second Adam) obedience but that doesn’t alter the fact that obedience on our part (accepting God’s solution) puts us back on a right footing with God.

It’s easy to rage against the injustice of it all but I think many people, put on the spot, balk at God’s requirement for repentance, making them just as personally guilty of disobedience as Adam.

~ by electrictelegraph on March 8, 2011.

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