misheard lyrics

I see Gary McMurray has posted on misheard lyrics. A familiar experience?! And not just the misheard lyrics but simply not getting the real message at all. It’s funny how you can hear a song time and time again and suddenly one day you actually listen. The first time I actually listened to “Please Release Me” I was shocked! By now I have an expectation of what songs are going to be problematic for broadcast. Every muscle tightens when I hear certain types of Rap for example, but somehow Gentleman Jim caught me by surprise!

I’ve had the opposite experience with Christian music at times. I’ve been listening to a “cheerful pop song” when suddenly the lyrics have engaged me and I’ve found myself thinking “OK, fair point” or just joining in in worship (usually got my wits about me enough to avoid the iPod moment though!)

~ by electrictelegraph on January 15, 2011.

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