One Look is Worth a Thousand Words

Making Jane Austen's Emma

How many pages of description it takes to (inadequately) describe a scene in a period drama. With one glance at the film version we get the picture.

How quickly a televised debate or discussion gets zapped in most households. How much effort often goes into making it look more like TV than radio with pictures. I struggle to figure out how the visual media could do religion (well).

The Bible is pretty short on detail – big on nouns and verbs, not so many adjectives.  Let’s face it the hero is invisible (made flesh in the NT but we don’t even have a picture). And his followers “walk by faith not by sight”.

Christ is the Word made flesh – that works for an oral society and it works for a literary society but I’m not sure how the incarnation would have worked in a visual society … I’ll leave you to think though how that might have played out!

~ by electrictelegraph on December 21, 2010.

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