The Medium Is The Message

Marshall McLuhan said it first and Christian attempts at TV (or video) raise a lot of questions about whether the medium is in any way compatible with the message.

Somehow video sermons or “Bible studies” just don’t do it for me. I’m not convinced the sermon is interactive enough at the best of times and a Bible study needs to be interactive not just spectating while two others interact.

Does TV trivialise everything it shows? Does its content have to be simplified to the point where it loses all significance? Years ago I came across Jerry Mander’s book Four Reasons for the Elimination of Television . OK it’s something of a polemic but one of his headings is “The Replacement Of Experience” and there is something anti-Christian about the substitutes TV prvides for experience and community.

Is it irredeemable? Suggestions on a postcard (a comment would do!). I’d suggest it’s proved useful to missionaries (as in far away, can’t easily be visited missionaries) but in terms of presenting the Christian message I think it’s pretty poor. For conveying the message it’s hard to beat a clothed in flesh illustration.

~ by electrictelegraph on December 20, 2010.

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